What is Kentaa Peer to Peer fundraising?

Our Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform is used to facilitate fundraiser activities from your supporters. If someone starts a fundraiser for your organization, they can submit their DIY peer-to-peer fundraiser on this platform and make their own page. This page is used to raise donations.


 peer-to-peer fundraising platform

What does Kentaa Peer to Peer Fundraising offer?

Kentaa Peer to Peer Fundraising offers all functions that are necessary for a P2P platform for your organization:


  • Content Management System for making and managing a P2P platform
    • Design with your own logo, banner and primary colour
    • Content is available in text, images and videos
    • Adjustable navigation bar with two levels
    • Possibility to add downloads and a FAQ page
  • Registration module
    • Max. 50 P2P fundraisers
    • Possibility to submit a team P2P fundraiser
    • Overview of all activities which you can download in Excel
  • Activity module
    • Every activity or team starter has their own fundraising page where they can raise funds, they also have their own animated progress bar.
    • Activity pages can be personalized with your own text, images, target goal and blogs. (News updates)
    • Activity pages are shareable via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.
  • Automatic e-mail module
    • Send emails to participants, activity starters and admins. 
  • Income will be paid out monthly via foundation funds


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Demo website 

To give you an example of what a Kentaa Peer to Peer Fundraising page looks like, we've made a demo.

View the demo