What is Kentaa Event fundraising?

Event Fundraising is a method of gaining income for a good cause via an event. The events are mostly sport events where people can registrate as a participant and raise money for a charity (also called peer-to-peer fundraising). The event can be organized by the charity itself or by another organization. Millions of euros are raised every year with Event Fundraising.


 event fundraising platform

What offers Kentaa Event Fundraising?

Kentaa Event Fundraising offers all functions that are necessary for event fundraising;

  • Content Management System for making and managing your own event
    • Design with own logo, banner en primary color
    • Content is available in text, images and videos
    • Adjustable navigation bar with two levels 
    • Possibility to add downloads and FAQ page
  • Register module
    • Max. 50 participants
    • Possibility to link registration fee to registrations
    • Possibility to register as a team
    • Possibility to add merchandise (T-shirt or swimming cap) at moment of registration
    • Download filled in registration form in Excel sheet
  • Action module
    • A personal sponsor page for every participant and team on which you can donate with a donation progress bar
    • Personal sponsor pages can be personalize with own text, images, target amount and blog (news updates)
    • Sponsor pages can be shared via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail 
  • Automatic e-mail module
    • E-mails to participants, donors and site managers
  • Income will be paid out monthly via foundation funds

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Demo website 

To give you an example of how a Kentaa Event fundraising page looks like, we've made a demo.

View the demo