Vacancy Marketing Specialist (32 hours)

What can you expect as a marketing specialist at Kentaa?

It may sound crazy, but this is largely in your own hands.

Kentaa's ambitions and the associated marketing commitment give you a varied job in which creativity, entrepreneurship, and a good dose of humour come in handy. You come up with it, and you execute it. Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

That is why we are seeking a Marketing Specialist with experience. You will be responsible for the Dutch and German markets. Beherrschung der deutschen Sprache ist erforderlich.

Are you a star in creating and executing strategic marketing plans? Then have fun at Kentaa. You won't be in it alone. Since the takeover by iRaiser in 2022, our marketing team is an international team. In close cooperation with your international colleagues and the commercial team in the Netherlands and Germany, you set the course and implement the local strategy.

In your role as a marketing specialist, you will help build our success by:

  • Support in a successful market launch of our products in Germany. This includes content planning and creation, lead generation, and support for sales activities.
  • Maintaining and further expanding our position in the Dutch market
  • Integrating and streamlining the marketing activities of Kentaa and iRaiser. You are the point of contact for the Dutch and German market
  • Implementing the local strategy in coordination and cooperation with the international marketing team and commercial management in the Netherlands.

Things that are important for you to know:

  • Marketing & Sales working with HubSpot
  • You will have a MacBook Air at your disposal
  • We are professional but also a bit crazy.
  • Working from home is not an issue, but being in the office is more fun🙂


  • Salary of €3800-€4500 per. month (based on a 40-hour work week)
  • Kentaa pays for your phonebill
  • 30 holidays (based on a 40-hour week)
  • Work-from-home allowance and budget to design your workplace to your heart's content
  • Training opportunities
  • Pension scheme
  • Travel reimbursement

About Kentaa (& iRaiser)
We are Kentaa, a software company. With 15 employees in the Netherlands, we are small, but big in our actions. Every day, our customers make a significant impact, and Kentaa's software adds to that.

We make it happen with innovative technology - the platforms we build - and consultancy that helps position and deploy them. Since 2022, we have been part of iRaiser Group. iRaiser is a provider of SaaS solutions for not-for-profit organisations in Europe.

Our office is located in Arnhem at Jansbuitensingel 29. This is easy to reach by public transport, and there is also a car park under the building if you prefer to come by car or bike.

Interested in a good conversation about your future at Kentaa? Call or app me on +31(0)638619739

By the way, I would love to receive your CV + motivation at See you soon!