Crowdfunding is a popular method to raise money for a specific project. It's a powerful way to raise funds in a way that's in the current time spirit. As a donor, you'll know exactly how your money is spent. Together with others, you can make something beautiful possible. Donors can be individuals, companies and foundations.


What is Crowdfunding?

 "Crowdfunding is a nontraditional practice of funding a specific goal, service or product by raising (small) amounts of money from a large number of people."


Kentaa has 3 crowdfunding options

Our 3 options offer more functionality and possibilities every day. Kentaa Go Crowdfunding is often used by small organisations or organisations with few projects. It's free to use but has quite a lot of options already. Kentaa Go Crowdfunding Plus is a paid platform for mid-sized organisations. Crowdfunding Premium is our most versatile platform and is most used by bigger charities and universities.

Crowdfunding Go

  • For every (non-profit)organisation with a social mission and a Chamber of Commerce registration and an ANBI status.
  • Completely self-service
  • No donation costs or subscription fees
    • The platform is free to use
    • Only pay payment provider costs with Kentaa Go
    • There is no donation fee withheld from your revenue
  • Get a subdomain
  • Choose from 2 design templates
  • Monthly payout via a third party account


The Kentaa dashboard includes

  • Content Management System building and managing a crowdfunding website
    • Design with logo, banner and brand colour
    • Content options include text, images and videos
    • Navigation bar with sub-navigation
    • Option to add downloads and an FAQ to any content page
    • Excel-exports of donor data
  • Crowdfunding module
    • Up to 3 simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns
    • Optional crowdfunding rewards for donors
    • Option to add an end date to campaigns
    • Donation overview including rewards
  • Automated email module
    • Flexible automated emails to donors

View payment provider costs and a calculation sample to determine how much of the donation you keep. 

You can get started today. After signing up you'll be asked to upload some documents about your organisation that we will validate to make sure the funds go where they are supposed to. After approval, you can start to receive crowdfunding donations.

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Kentaa Go Crowdfunding Plus

Do you need more advanced functions? We got your back. You can upgrade to Kentaa Go Crowdfunding Plus at any moment. Kentaa Go Crowdfunding Plus offers not only the basic functionalities but also:

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns
  • Add or remove admins from a specific campaign page or the entire platform 
  • Change automatic e-mail content on any campaign
  • Possibility for site managers to change the collected amount of money via manual donations

Using the extra possibilities Kentaa Go Crowdfunding Plus offers costs of €99 a month, including taxes. To get started with the Plus plan, sign up for Kentaa Crowdfunding Go and look for the upgrade in the dashboard.

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Crowdfunding Premium

Do you have a clear vision of what you want your fundraising platform to look like? Looking for a specific combination of features on your platform? Need a little bit of extra help? In that case, “Kentaa Premium” is most likely the best fit for your organisation. Kentaa Premium is a next-level fundraising service for non-profit organisations. Kentaa Premium offers you personal consultancy and access to additional features on the Kentaa platform.  You get:

  • the features on your platform tailored to your specific needs;
  • four design templates to choose from;
  • the option to get a custom design;
  • custom donation, event participation and fundraisers flows;
  • daily donation payments made via your own payment account;
  • the option to host your fundraising platform on a custom domain;
  • integration with other applications using Kentaa Connect;
  • access to your data via the Kentaa API;
  • Premium Support via telephone, chat and email;
  • training courses and brainstorms at your offices;
  • access to exclusive events, webinars and workshops.


Ready to use Kentaa Premium? You'll be appointed a Sales Consultant to help you. Together, you'll determine the best configuration for your fundraising platform, so you can reach your goals. Your consultant is a sparring partner who will be involved in every step of the way. Before, during and after your campaign. We'll help you with practical tips and suggestions, because your success, is our success.


Want to get started with Kentaa Premium? Get in touch!


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Demo website 

Curious to see what a Kentaa Crowdfunding platform looks like? Do you want to know how it's functionalities work? Take a look at our demo website. 


View the Crowdfunding demo