Payment provider costs and example

Kentaa does not charge a percentage per donation for Go and Plus packages. Many other platforms often use a payment of 5% to 10%. With Kentaa Go and Plus packages, this is 0%. Instead, donors are asked to make a voluntary contribution so we can continue to guarantee our services.


uitleg vrijwillige bijdrage donateur


Payment provider costs

Fees are charged by the banks and payment providers for each donation. You also pay these costs, for example, when you shop in an online store. Payment provider Mollie is used for the settlement of payments via the website. The costs that Mollie calculates vary per payment method. See the rates per payment method incl. VAT. below. These costs are deducted from the donation revenue that is paid out to (you as) customers each month. You will therefore receive the revenue minus the payment provider costs.

These costs include the costs of the financial institutions (such as banks, PayPal)

Example 1

Someone makes a donation of €25 with iDeal.
You receive €25 - €0,18 = €24,82

Example 2

Someone makes a donation of €100 with PayPal (this is the most expensive payment method)
You receive €100 - €0,42 - €3,40 = €96,18

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