Cultural organisations

More and more institutions in the culture & heritage sector are forced to raise funds themselves, thanks to declining government subsidies. This issue touches organisations such as cultural institutions, theatres, museums and music schools, to institutions committed to preserving and developing archaeological values, monuments, and cultural landscapes. For many of these types of institutions, seeking new avenues for financing is a must. Online fundraising in culture & heritage is therefore gaining ground.

Kentaa is happy to respond to this growing demand for online fundraising and crowdfunding in the arts. Using our innovative and user-friendly Kentaa platform, we help your organisation with crowdfunding or fundraising for culture & heritage.

The Kentaa platform has already achieved wonderful things for many organisations. With the help of fundraising and crowdfunding for the arts, we respond to the value that culture & heritage have for people. In this way, we make the world a bit more beautiful together.


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Kentaa helps institutions with online fundraising and crowdfunding for the arts, culture & heritage. Within this sector, obtaining financing through these channels is still new and unfamiliar territory for many. Nevertheless, it has recently proven to be very effective to obtain financing through this innovative method.

For example, a project has been realised with the Kentaa platform to finance the construction of a play. A campaign has been started to encourage cycling to work, and money is currently being collected for endangered species. But our platform for fundraising and crowdfunding in the arts also offers space for financing a new art collection or restoration of monuments.

Our platform can be used for crowdfunding, fundraising and as a peer to peer fundraising platform. The possibilities for crowdfunding and fundraising for culture & heritage are therefore endless. Thanks to an optimal application of the latest online techniques, you can quickly raise money for your cultural organisation.

The Kentaa platform has various smart functionalities that ensure that your supporters can easily help with fundraising and crowdfunding for the arts. And thanks to the integration of social media, you can reach an extensive group of people in no time. Therefore, online fundraising for culture & heritage has proven to be very effective precisely because many people are sympathetic to this sector.

Kentaa wants to facilitate you in the best way possible with crowdfunding for the arts. We do this by offering the right tools at the right time. And thanks to the handy Kentaa Dashboard, you are in control. Here you can gain real-time insight into the statistics of your campaigns and projects, adjust the content on your page yourself and thank your supporters for their donations.

When you choose to use Kentaa for crowdfunding or fundraising for culture & heritage, you can count on our full support. Kentaa acts as an extension of your cultural institution in crowdfunding for the arts and enters into a real partnership with you. Your goal is our goal, and with that, we ensure a vibrant cultural sector in the Netherlands.


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